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OpenSeadragon 4.1.1


An open-source, web-based viewer for high-resolution zoomable images, implemented in pure JavaScript, for desktop and mobile.
OpenSeadragon Viewer With Default Settings
Image © 2012, Dario Morelli

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Examples & Features


Plugins can be used to enhance OpenSeadragon. The following plugins are currently available:

Browser Extension

OpenSeadragonizer enables viewing any image on a webpage with OpenSeadragon.

You can also use the web version of OpenSeadragonizer directly without installing anything.

Download & Install

You can get OpenSeadragon 4.1.1 through any of these venues:

For installation instructions, see the Getting Started page in the documentation.

For creating the tiles themselves, see Creating Zooming Images.

Older releases and source archives are available on GitHub. The last version to support IE11 is 4.1.0. The last version to support IE8-10 is 2.4.2. Otherwise, we generally support the active versions of the major browsers.

API Documentation

Available on our documentation pages. Also see our FAQ.


GitHub: issue tracker

Twitter: @OpenSeadragon

Chat: Discord or Gitter

Also see our FAQ.


OpenSeadragon is developed on GitHub. You can clone the source repository with Git by running:

git clone git://


OpenSeadragon is released under the New BSD license.