Class: ImageJob


Handles downloading of a single image.


new ImageJob(options)

Name Type Description
options Object Options for this ImageJob.
Name Type Attributes Description
src String <optional>
URL of image to download.
tile Tile <optional>
Tile that belongs the data to.
source TileSource <optional>
Image loading strategy
loadWithAjax String <optional>
Whether to load this image with AJAX.
ajaxHeaders String <optional>
Headers to add to the image request if using AJAX.
ajaxWithCredentials Boolean <optional>
Whether to set withCredentials on AJAX requests.
crossOriginPolicy String <optional>
CORS policy to use for downloads
postData String <optional>
HTTP POST data (usually but not necessarily in k=v&k2=v2... form, see TileSource::getPostData) or null
callback function <optional>
Called once image has been downloaded.
abort function <optional>
Called when this image job is aborted.
timeout Number <optional>
The max number of milliseconds that this image job may take to complete.
tries Number <optional>
Actual number of the current try.