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OpenSeadragon 1.2.1

Creating Zooming Images

OpenSeadragon works with a variety of zooming image formats. These zooming images generally consist of a number of individual tiles, organized so they can be accessed as needed. If you have a large image you'd like to zoom, you'll need to convert it first. There are a number of conversion options depending on your needs.

Other tools include:

Deep Zoom Composer desktop app for Windows DZI
DeepZoomTools.dll .NET library, comes with Deep Zoom Composer DZI Python DZI
deepzoom Perl utility DZI
MapTiler desktop app for Windows, Mac, Linux TMS
VIPS command line tool and library for a number of languages DZI via the dzsave feature
Gmap Uploader Tiler C++ DZI
Node.js Deep Zoom Tools Node.js, under construction DZI
ZoomHub service, under construction DZI
Kakadu C++ library to encode or decode JPEG 2000 images

example of a batch convert script: (Diva.js project)
IIIF (requires a IIIF-compliant image server with JPEG 2000 support, like Loris; see also for more details)
DZT An image slicing library and tool written in Ruby DZI